domingo, 28 de março de 2010

I choose you @


For whatever might have been
And all that it never was
Whatever I couldn't see
And all that I didn't want
There was nothing
To my madness girl
That wasn't clear to me
Until the day
I saw your face
When I saw everything
For I saw us dancing
Through sunshine and rain
And I saw us laughing
Through joy
And through pain
And I saw time passing
But we did not change
And I still
Saw us together
At the end of everyday

Whenever you wanted
Whenever you need it
Whatever you feel
Like it's gone be
Like you
Best believe it
Whenever you feel
Like dancing
You don't have
To dance alone, no
You don't
You should
Already know

I choose you

I thought you
Would tell me how I felt
Before I could even feel
I knew you like no one else
But still I couldn't tell
None of it made sense to me
None of it was real
Until the day I saw your face
And it was clear to see

I choose you

Throuhgout all times
People have searched
Their lives
Hoping they might
Find a chance
Where they can make
Things right
Through my desire
Thank God
I found the fire
For everything
Has lead me
Straight to you

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